About Danielle ("Ms. Wo")

When people say to me, "I thought of you the other day," it typically involves bad grammar, poop (or related potty humor), school supplies, or something equally ridiculous.

By day, I'm a funky, sarcastic, organized English teacher who's affectionately known as "Ms. Wo" (or my new favorite, "Woseidon.") In what I'd like to dub my free time, I often vegetate in front of my computer, which is in front of the TV, and soak up some more episodes of Big Bang Theory, Law and Order SVU, Law and Order, NCIS, Criminal Minds, or whatever happens to be on Netflix.

I have lofty goals that include writing books (a children's series and novels) and modeling wedding dresses. Of course, those things involve time that I don't appear to have. Well, I have some time at night, but that's when I'm squeezing in some time to see my goofy husband who loves to sing songs that he makes up just for me. Oh, and I do like my sleep. And my dogs, Squirt and Roxy. Until then, I'll try to woo the wide world web with my witty words here in this blog. (What's up, alliteration?)

I enjoy posting about my outfit of the day, grammar tips/lessons, products I like, new things I learn (like how to fold a sweatshirt), and whatever random musings pop into my eccentric brain. I hope you enjoy what I can contribute to this little corner of the world. 


  1. Wonderful! Welcome to the world of blogging :) Reading through all your blog posts now!

    What genre are you interested in for novel writing?

    ...wow, I'm slightly nervous about writing here! Feel free to fix any grammatical errors as that is NOT nor, I feel, will ever be, a strength of mine, lol ;)

    1. I have started blogs a million times, but this one has sustained longevity much better than the others.

      I have novel ideas, but I haven't ironed out the details enough to figure out if it would end up as adolescent lit. or what. I spend so much time grading essays that it leaves little time for writing of my own. I'll stick to the blog for now.

      Haha, don't feel nervous. We can't all be neurotic English teachers, haha!

  2. Hi Danielle. I was wondering if we could chat via email. I love your blogs (all of them, especially this one) but it seems we have chosen the same name for our respective wedidng blogs.

    I am the professional blogger behind HindsightBride.com I've been blogging full time since March 2010 and am in the process of trademarking the name.

    Could we chat about what would be the best course of action for both of us? Thanks a million!

    Christie O.
    hindsightbride {at} gmail {dot} com

    P.S. Congratulations on the wedding!

  3. Danielle. You;re the best. Thanks so much for your speedy response via email. Let me know if I can do anything to return the favor!



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