Tuesday, January 10, 2012

No blisters!? No way.

 Every time we have an "outfit of the day" photoshoot, Roxy wants to be a part of it. She's licking my hand here.

So, Mother Nature backhanded me today. I was so puffy that these were the only pants I could find that fit. Wow. These jeans have a bedazzled butt, and they're from NY & Co.

Mom bought me the purple leather jacket from Kohl's :) It's Elle brand.

Oh, I love my curl cream. It's sold at Target. It's called Curls Rock. It's a cream with lotion-like consistency. I've used A LOT of curling products. This one is by far the best. 

 Look at my cute girls :)

Shirt is from NY & Co. (last spring), light blue tank is from Express, and belt is from Pac Sun. 

(Please excuse our messy living room.)

These heels aren't a problem because they're only about an inch or so. They're Candie's brand from Kohl's. Since they're patent leather, I would recommend getting Band-Aid Friction Block to prevent blisters. I rub this stuff on anytime I wear shoes that rub, and I don't end up with blisters (seriously). Buy a few and put them in your purse/work bag. You'll be glad you did it!

Here's what it looks like. You can find it at Wal Mart or Target :)


  1. Thanks for the tips on curling cream and preventing blisters. Must file that away somewhere in my brain where I can remember it later.

    1. I figured if the tips work for me, then I shouldn't be holding out on people! I'll have to post a picture of the curl cream sometime so that you can see what it actually looks like. Perhaps one of my videos will involve show and tell.


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