Friday, April 6, 2012

Short and Striped

So, if I have time, I sometimes put on outfits and just walk around the house in them. I like to give them a mini test run. This is not the test-run outfit; that one bombed. I then thought of this gem in five seconds. Grace under pressure, I tell you. 

So, my dog is not throwing up because she hates the outfit. Maybe she is stalking the leopard print heels? I would, too. 

Anyway, the outfit breaks down like this:

Shirt & skirt: The Limited 
(quite possibly my favorite store; they also give discounts to teachers!)

Heels: Jones New York via Marshalls

Belt: I think it's from NY & Co., but I'm too comfortable to run upstairs and check.

Scarf: A gift from three students :) Sweetest siblings. 
I taught the older brother and sister last year, and I teach their younger sister this year. 
 I love thoughtful and functional gifts. 
(I also love thoughtful and functional teenagers. They're a rarity.)

So, I put on this outfit after I painted our half bath. An hour later, I noticed something funny....
I was wearing the same color scheme that I dressed my half bath in. I tell you that I just love my stripes.

Do you ever notice that your house decor matches the colors/patterns that you wear?  

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